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"Acad. Jordan Malinovski"

Acad. J. Malinovski (1923 - 1996)
Academician Jordan Malinovski was born on 03.06.1923 ...
Project BG161PO003-1.2.04-0034-C0001
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Best results for 2014
Optical detection of vapours using one-dimensional photonic crystals, project coordinator assoc. prof Dr. Tsvetanka Babeva.
One dimensional photonic crystals consisting of alternating layers of sol-gel ...
Best results for 2014
Organic-inorganic hybrid structures and 2D materials for optics and photonics applications, Vera Marinova.
All-optically controlled hybrid structures, combining of a photorefractive crystal and polymer dispersed liquid crystals are developed...
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About us ...
The Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies (IOMT) “Academician Jordan Malinovski” has been established on July 1, 2010 by merging of two research units - Central Laboratory of photo-processes and Central Laboratory of optical recording and processing of information.
The main research goals of the new institute are: ...